ASVAB Success

Over the summer I worked with a High School senior that wanted to join the Marines. We focused on increasing his score in each of the four core tests. I began by diagnosing his strengths and weaknesses and we developed a plan to substantially increase his score.

I assigned an aggressive amount of work for the student to complete on his own and met periodically to review progress and "target teach" specific areas of math that he did not understand.

I assigned the student 5-20 hours of work between sessions using a mix of online math and verbal development tools that I use with students and paper-based tools.

Surprisingly even to myself he increased his score from the 30s (if I am remembering correctly) to 70s percentilewise.

He was offered a reasonable number of choices of career paths in the Marines which is my personal goal in working with students and recent high school graduates interested in military service. I believe that if someone is going to commit to their fellow citizens in this way, they should at least have a reasonable choice of careers, not just "you can be a cook" (unless that is what you would like to be, then a choice is not needed).

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