"Mental Math" Training Now Available

After seeing yet another student use paper and pen to figure out what the product of 10 and another number is I knew it was time to develop training to help students work out more math in their head, or "Mental Math".

I have developed a two session training product that introduces students to the benefits and advantages of Mental Math, specific techniques for what I consider to be the fundamental techniques EVERYONE should have available to them, and a quick game for solidifying the understanding of the concepts so that students can migrate to adoption of the techniques. Each session is either 2 hours or in the case of younger students about 1 to 1.5 hours depending upon the student's attention span (and the variability of a student's attention span on any given day) over three sessions. After the initial training parents and/or students can increase their Mental Math proficiency through recommended activities and challenges provided at the end of the training or with follow-up training and practice if that is more convenient. For students wanting to go beyond the fundamentals, a custom developed training plan can be developed and implemented for you or your student(s).

While I didn't realize it until recently, those things I have been working out in my head are used by others and have a name: Mental Math. The techniques can provide students a strategic advantage / competitive edge in that they can reach math solutions faster and with a higher level of reliability. They are also skills that a person can use throughout life: do you really need to carry around an index card to calculate the tip on the bill when you are taking a date or client out to lunch? Of course not.

When can I help you or your child develop their Mental Math skills to increase their level of math performance? This is also ideal for homeschooling parents and Math Teachers looking to supplement their math curricula with a guest instructor.



Patrick M.

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