RTQ - Read the Question

I have been in the Navy for over 18 years, so I haven't taken the ASVAB in quite a while. In fact it has been probably close to 25 years since I took it. Nonetheless, the exam really hasn't changed much and the topics are things I knew from way back then, or have learned in other ways along the way. So... I recently decided to take the WyzAnt ASVAB certification exam so I could tutor students on the ASVAB. It is a reasonably short assessment test using questions similar to the actual ASVAB, and a couple questions about the ASVAB itself (like how long is the test valid for).

Interestingly, while taking the exam, I almost incorrectly answered several questions because the questions itself were written "differently" than I have become accustomed to viewing questions a certain way in my engineering studies that I almost missed simple words that have a profound impact on the answer. Example: Of the following list of answers, what is not a verb. If you are reading the question carefully, you may not notice the word "NOT", which would cause you to significantly change the answer that you would choose.

So the moral of this story is: No matter how little time you think you have, make sure you take the time to carefully read the question and fully understand what you are being asked before you start looking at the answers.


Thomas H.

Math and Science Tutor

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