Knowing What Kind of Students we Have is Half the Battle.

Kids don't come with an instruction manual. Many parents did not have the oppurtunity to go to college for one reason or another so they do their best. This blog is for parents most educators get this information in credentailing classes. So parents welcome. As a teacher I must figure out early in September what kinds of learners my students are because this information makes my job easier. There are 7 major types of learners as follows:
Visual/Spatical, Auditory/Linguistic, Tactile/Kinesthetic, Logical/Mathematical, Music/Rhythmic, Interpersonal, and intrapersonal.

Each of these groups learn in different ways. Knowing what kind of learner your child is can help you to make learning an enjoyable activity for your child. Let's go through them one at a time.

Visual / Spatial learners learn by seeing examples. They can learn by watching how things are done. Movies that show how to do things are good with these learners. These types of learniners make good engineers, Inventors, and Architects.

Auditory / Linguistic learners learn by listening to lectures. When they don't understand what they hear they are good at asking for clarification. These learners make good Journalists, teachers, Lawyers, and Writers.

Tactile / Kinesthetic learners learn best through hands on experience. They need to be able to touch and feel what they are learning about. These types of learners make good Firefighters, and Teachers.

Logical / Mathematical learners learn best when solving problems. They make good Scientists and engineers.

Music / Rhythmic learners learn through music especially when producing and appreciating music. They make good Musicians and Singers.

Interpersonal learners are good at relating to and understanding peoples feelings. They make good counselors and Politicians.

Intrapersonal learners are good at self-reflection and therefore make good Theorists, Philosophers, and Researchers.

Hopefully this will give you some insight into how and why your child tends to learn better one way than another. Keep in mind for when you are helping your child that teachers / parents tend to teach where they are most comfortable. So if you are an Auditory learner like I am you will tend to teach in that manner. Be sure you adapt your teaching style to that of your student(s). Also please note while my intent is to help parents I am not claiming to be an expert. Please investigate these learning styles on your own. Feel free to email me with any questions and happy learning.


Alan A.

I have experience teaching Social Sci. Have knowledge will travel.

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