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Well I sincerely hope that everyone has been enjoying their summer so far; I know that I certainly have! It's been relaxing spending time at home and with my family and high school friends since I don't usually get a chance to see them during the school year. Besides going to concerts, curling up with a good book, and lunch dates with friends, I've also been taking a few math courses. Who says that learning has to stop with summer?

For me, math has always been a love/hate relationship. My dad is a math teacher at our local college so my summers (since I was 8) were always filled with reading mundane textbooks and practicing hundreds of problems. I remember sitting at our kitchen table and staring out at our backyard which was teaming with life and blossoming with greenery. I did everything, from Singapore math to CMP. Back then, I hated math even though I was good at it. But I didn't see the point of being good at something if I didn't enjoy it at all. And it didn't help that I had an older brother that was even better at math than I was!

My sophomore year in high school I took Precalculus. That year became a real turning point for me because I began to not care about math at all. After years of missed summers and bookcases stacked with thick textbooks, I saw my grades start to slip but I didn't care. In retrospect, it was my way of rebelling against my dad for how hard he pushed me academically when I younger. But I was the one who suffered the consequences of my grades and how disappointed I was at myself. Over winter break, I was determined to reteach myself all the material that I had carelessly learned and through my determination, I rediscovered my passion for math. Using online resources and hints and tricks, I learned that math can actually be fun and from then on, I have always had a certain respect for it. I also went on to take Calculus AB and BC in high school and received 5s on both APs.

Now, I'm reviewing my math this summer (Single and Multivariable Calculus) so I'm prepared not only for my math class at Wellesley in the fall but also to be a better tutor for you since the material will be fresh in my mind. I realize that math is a difficult subject for some people to grasp but I urge you not to give up and try to find a way that works for you.

While I am enjoying my summer home in Wisconsin, I'm very excited to get back to Wellesley and hopefully tutor some new students! :)



Susan H.

Wellesley College Tutor (Math, Test Prep, English)

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