Keeping Learning Fun During the Summer

It's definitely a challenge to keep kids motivated to learn during the summer, especially when they've been working hard all summer. Learning in the summer is crucial to help students retain the knowledge they've acquired during the school year as well as to prepare them for the next grade. Here are some fun ideas to help keep kids learning during the break from school.

- Baking ~ Baking is a great way to practice math. While baking with your child talk about fractions in regards to the recipes. Ask them questions like "How much flour would we need if we doubled this recipe" or "What is another fraction that could be 1/2". Making learning tangible is so important!

- Movies ~ I know, you're probably all shocked. But with so many books being made into movies, motivate your student to earn a trip to the movies after they've finished the book, or after you've read it together. Then go out for a soda or ice cream and talk about the similarities and differences and which version they liked better.

- Books on CD ~ Check out books on CD and have your student follow along in a copy of the book while the CD is read to them. This is also a great way to pass the time on those long summer roadtrips!

- Learning Games Online ~ There are many great websites that have free, fun and educational activities for students. Practice multiplication or work on reading skills through Tumblebooks.

Whatever you are doing during these busy summer months, try to do some learning activities during the week so that your student is better prepared when they head back to school in the fall.


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