The ABC book

Today was so much fun! I worked with a preschool child who is learning English on her alphabet. She already knew the ABC song from a previous lesson and had been working on identifying the letters and words that start with each letter. Today we used cut out squares with the letters printed on them to spell various words of this child's choosing. After we were finished spelling and identifying letters we sang the alphabet song together to put them in order. I then mixed them up again and gave her a blank book with "[child's name]'s Alphabet" on the front. She then sang the alphabet song on her own and glued each letter into the book. I helped her with a few letters (M, N, V, Y) and assisted in singing "LMNOP" while encouraging her to slow down as she said each letter so she could hear them all. By the end of the lesson she had spelled her name, her mother's name, her father's name, my name, "book," "story" and several other words, as well as put the letters in order and pasted them into her very own alphabet book. Next time I will be bringing pictures of various objects she sees and uses every day, asking her identify them, spelling them with magnetic letters, and then letting her paste her new words into her alphabet book. She is very excited and so are her parents! I can't wait until next time!***


Jessica H.

MD Certified Teacher-ESOL, Special Education, Gen. Education K-Adult

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