Japanese-to-Spanish Resource

I just discovered this book, which is an interesting resource for Japanese speakers learning Spanish. The title is Hajimete no Supeingo (Beginning Spanish). The lesson introductions and explanations are all in Japanese, and the Spanish phrases that are being taught are presented in Spanish with the pronunciation rendered in katakana below each phrase. The book comes with a cd. The audio reads portions from the book aloud, and it is unclear whether the Spanish is read by Japanese or Spanish speakers.

I am using this book with my conversation exchange partner. We speak Japanese for one hour (she is fluent in Japanese), and then switch to Spanish for one hour (I speak fluent Spanish). So, this book nicely complements our efforts at mutual language exchange. We have found that it is easier to use Japanese as our teaching language rather than English, since the vowels of Spanish and Japanese are somewhat comparable.

Spanish has always been one of my favorite subjects to tutor because I love learning and teaching foreign languages. I am looking forward to teaching Spanish again this week, and I am hoping to improve my Japanese as well. My ultimate goal is to become a Japanese language and literature professor. I will never tire of learning (and eventually teaching) Japanese.



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