Grammar lesson number two!

Immediately after my previous grammar lesson blog, I had a few more common errors I wanted to mention. A tutor had commented on my blog and said, "An additional grammatical error that occurs frequently is good vs well. If you perform an activity with skill, you have done it well not good. You can throw a good pitch for example but if someone asks how is he pitching today, the answer should be He is pitching well."

Some other common mistakes are:

I. Affect vs. Effect

Affect is to directly have an impact on something.
The loud noises affected the boys studying

Effect is the outcome of something.
Higher grades are an effect of studying.

II. Than vs. Then

Than shows amount.
Sally has far more candy than Larry.

Then shows time.
We went to grocery store then we went to the pet store.

III. To vs. Too vs. Two

To means to go towards something.
Would you like to go to the mall?

Too means also or in excessive.
I would like to go to the mall too!
I ate too much today.

Two is a number.
I only have two classes today.

IV. Lose vs. Loose
Lose implies that you've lost something.
Billy's team lost the baseball game.

Loose implies something isn't tight enough.
The screws on that chair are too loose.

There will be many more common grammar errors to come! Stay tuned!


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