A quick grammar lesson

It seems to me that even most adults have an issue with grammar. I fairly often see the same mistakes repeated in essays and normal everyday chat. This isn't just an issue associated with younger children with little or no grasp on grammar, it's a common issue that I see even with graduate students.

I. First, is the "Their, They're, There" mistake.

Their implies ownership.
They left with their jackets on.

They're implies an action.
Today, they're going to the mall.

There implies a place.
Please place that book over there.

II. Second is the "You're and Your" mistake.

You're implies that you are going to do something.
Today you're going to take the dog for a walk after school.

Your implies ownership
You left your pencils on the floor.

III. Third is the "It's and Its" mistake

It's means it is or it has.
It's going to be hot outside today!

Its shows possession.
The cat needs its water bowl filled.

Now the world of grammar should make a little more sense!


I totally agree with your assessment. An additional grammatical error that occurs frequently is good vs well. If you perform an activity with skill, you have done it well not good. You can throw a good pitch for example but if someone asks how is he pitching today, the answer should be He is pitching well.
Thank you! I am always thinking about it's/its. I know the rules but I would question myself often saying, "Its right to say It's going to be right!" -lol. Good Job Brittany, thank you for posting. :D
Thank you for a great post!  What your thoughts, please, about the 'fewer' / 'less' distinction in count nouns vs. mass nouns (eg. 'fewer fish' vs. 'less water')?
I seem to hear "less" being used in all contexts.  Am I just being too picky?  :-)


Brittany B.

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