Linear equation, it's easy ...

Students who are afraid of math really freak out when they hear the term Linear equation.

Today I'm saying don't be. It's much easier than you think.

First, from now on, everytime you hear the term linear equation or even linear, think of a straight line. In fact it is a straight line on a graph.

An Equation in linear equation means that Y is equal to X plus or minus or divided by some value. Y = X + 5. That's it. Nothing more.

Example 1.

Y = X+5, is a linear equation. Don't be scared. To Graph this equation, you give X a value and then you will get Y.

X is equal to 2, therefore, Y = 2+5, Y = 7.
(2,7) point on the graph

X is equal to 8, therefore, Y = 8+5, Y = 13.
(8, 13) point on the graph

Connect the two points and that's your graph. That's it ...

For every value that you pick for X, there will obtain a value for Y. It's actually a POINT on a Grapth. Y is depended on the Value of X.

***** in Linear Equations don't have Exponent (like x5), squareroots, cuberoots etc ... on in front of the variable X or Y.

Y = X is also linear because we can rewrite it as Y = X + 0.

Y + 2X - 3 = 0 is also linear because we can rewrite it by transport 2X-3 to the other side, Y = -2X + 3.

5x = 6 is also linear because we can rewrite it as 5x-6 = 0 or Y = 5x - 6.

I hope this helps you with the basic of linear equation.



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