How honored I feel to serve those who serve

Behind every man or woman who serves in the US military stands a army of people who have prepared them for their service.  Parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles, teachers, coaches and yes, tutors too.

It's been my honor to serve as a tutor for some of America's finest soldiers, sailors, airpersons and marines as they prepared for their ASVAB exams and today one of them wrote me an email.  Let me share it with you.
"Dear Dr. C,
I just arrived in Tokyo and wanted to write to say thanks.  I've finished basic and MP training and now I'm at my first out of country assignment, studying Japanese.  A year ago I was a 19 year old kid and now I'm serving in the US Air Force.  What's even more exciting is that I didn't have to choose between college and military life.  I've completed my third college course: English, college algebra and Spanish I. In three years I'll have my bachelors degree in journalism and my commission as an officer will follow. 
What tutoring and coaching did for me was take all of my ideas; random and scattered and pull them together in a logical, orderly plan.  It's life ... my way!
The gap-free techniques you taught me in math and grammar have really come in handy during basic training and advanced training too. I only wish I'd known how easy math could be all through high school. Why doesn't someone tell everyone that?
I'm really happy, I'm meeting good friends and I'm confident I made the right choice. Getting past the ASVAB was a big start; a necessary launch.
ps,  I wrote my mom and dad and thanked them too ... with really proper grammar and a very expansive vocabulary. Thought you'd like that!
... This is the kind of email that makes my day ... How fortunate our nation is to have such wonderful men and women of service.
Dr. C


Dr Walli C.

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