A New Experience

Hello Everyone,

My name is Casey. I am a Registered Nurse in Spokane, Washington, and while I am new to this environment, I have been tutoring for the last four years. I am proficient at tutoring math and science, though I am not necessarily limited to those areas. I am also skilled at teaching study skills and organization, which can help students in any subject. I am willing to tutor students of all ages, and I relate well with child, adolescent, and adult students alike.

I believe that tutoring is a team effort in which the tutor and student work together to reach predetermined goals. The tutor facilitates learning by helping students to understand what learning style works best for them, and through teaching students how to organize their learning process. The student applies class content to the learning techniques, and the tutor helps the student to better understand concepts. My goal is to help students to become independent learners so that they can succeed in and out of the classroom.

I have a passion for learning, which I have not stopped going to school since the day I started kindergarten. I struggled with learning when I was younger. It is not that I could not grasp that material or that I could not do the work. I was disorganized, and I did not understand that there are different ways to learn. Since that time, I have learned that I am an auditory learner and I have become an organized student. This has helped me tremendously in my academic, personal, and professional life, and I want to pass on what I have learned to others so that they can succeed as I have. I hope to here from some of you soon!

Thanks for reading!


Casey F.

RN experienced in NCLEX review, sciences, algebra, and geometry.

10+ hours
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