How to write a compelling essay

Writing an essay is the foundation to writing research and term papers, because like its college counter parts, essays need to have structure and need to remain on topic at all times. That is why creating an outline is essential when writing an essay, especially academic essays and essays of persuasion. The outline helps the author structure the information that they are going to convey to the reader regardless of what subject matter is at hand.

There are four components to writing a compelling essay. These four components are as follows:

1. The Attention Step: This paragraph is the very paragraph that will either bring the reader on board or turn the reader away completely. What the author has to do here is briefly describe what they are going to be discussing in their essay. In other words give an abstract or synopsis of what is to come.

2. The Details Step: In these paragraphs the author has now got the attention of the reader and can go into further discussion and detail about the subject that they are writing about.

3. The Wind-down Step: This step is used to start finalizing the subject that the author is writing about. Here is where the author will write about any supporting facts that have made what the author is talking about more fundamental, because at this stage the reader and the author has already learned what they needed to know based on both prior knowledge and research.

4. The Finalizing Step: This step is used so that the author can summarize the new found knowledge that is the core of the essay that they are writing about. It is here that they can put all the finishing touches on the essay that they are writing. When the new material is summarized it is a way of telling the reader to reinforce what they have just learned from the author"s work.

If these steps are used carefully in writing an essay, not only does the author have a compelling essay, they have all the needs to make sure that their readers will read more material that they write. Teachers are always looking for this in writing an essay, so this is why it is important to follow the guidelines at all times.



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