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Improving Education Today

There is much talk about what to do to improve education in America. One thing that would result in great improvement overall is to have more general assemblies in school where the entire student body, or grade level, could be addressed by the school principal or a motivational speaker. Students need talks on developing better listening skills, improving their study habits, taking education more seriously, and how much the world depends on their generation to help bring about improvements in society. Improvements such as bringing about an end to war and terrorism, better cooperation between all peoples of the world, reducing crime and abuse, rehabilitation of prisoners or offenders, and learning how to become dynamic, positive leaders in their communities, countries, or in the world. These general assemblies would be most effective if they were not regularly scheduled, but called "on the spur of the moment" and they should also not be too lengthy so that they remain inspiring to the students, not something boring to them. The assembly speakers should grab the attention and the hearts and minds of the students, then give the message. Students need these inspirational talks so that they see the big picture and gain foresight beyond the everyday classroom experience and test preparation. The everyday classroom experience can become too routine and can let the students' minds relax and become lazy. They need to be stimulated occasionally, brought to the high ground and given a panoramic view of their future.


Wow, what a great message Judy. My University (UC, Riverside) sends Professors/researchers to my small hometown to give presentations on Physics and Astronomy to the local schools.
John, thank you for your comment on my blog article about improving education. It is great to know that UC Riverside offers presentations on Physics and Astronomy -- and just think how many other topics could be addressed by University Professors or even by their students to local elementary or high school students. The professor could even assign this to his students: to give a presentation to a local school on a positive topic. How inspiring this could be, and how helpful to the students' development in a positive direction. Professors and their students could even give presentations in places such as juvenile detention centers or homes, jails, or prisons. It seems a perfect blend within the community of education, development, and rehabilitation.