On the Importance of Terminology in any Course

Every student in every course ought to keep a "vocabulary list" to include all and any new words that appear in that course. If a student is not really well familiar with the terminology used in a course, that student will probably not do that well on exams in that course. On the other hand, a very attentive student who keeps a vocabulary list, defines new words, and uses those words in his own sentences, is almost guaranteed to do well on exams in that course. Oftentimes, though, students may have the false notion that in a math course, vocabulary is secondary. Wrong! Vocabulary is very important, in fact, it can aid in understanding the processes in that course. So, my heartfelt recommendation for all students is to keep a separate vocabulary list, maybe even in a separate composition book designated only for vocabulary. Alternatively, take the last pages of your composition book for new words, their definitions, and your use of that word in an original sentence.


Judy L.

Education Specialist, Patient and Knowledgeable

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