Studying for an Important Test

When a student is preparing to take a big, important test, it is imperative that he focus intently on studying for that test. The student should figure how many days he has to prepare, then divide up that time into segments. During each time segment, he should study a portion of the material to be mastered. He should continue his study until he is satisfied himself that he knows the material and could explain it verbally to another person. The preparation for the test must be the student's main focus during the prep time. He can rest later. He needs to have the material on his mind throughout the day and even during the night. In this way he can make the material his own and know it thoroughly. If test preparation is taken too lightly, or not thought out in terms of scheduling study time, the student may find that he does not do as well as he wanted to do, or even that he does not pass at all. Due to the fact that it is expensive to register for a major test, and failing the test will cause the student to have to pay again to retake the test, one can see how important solid preparation is, since we may be talking about hundreds of dollars. Also, in the economy of today, one cannot afford to waste time re-studying for a test one has already attempted and failed. Often we need to be certified to take particular jobs, or we need to have passed a major test with a certain cutoff score to enter a particular educational program. These factors make it imperative to learn to delve deeply into the subject one is studying to master that subject thoroughly. Lightweight studying will not do it.


Judy L.

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