Piano Methods

To teach piano, I have been using the Pace method for years, and it is a thorough method with 4 books for each level. For some young students, though, the Pace method seems sophisticated, and these students respond well to another method, the John Thompson's Easiest Piano Method. It includes songs such as Carry Me Back to Old Virginny, Blow the Man Down, The Ash Grove, Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen and similar songs, which seem to connect to the students easily and well, especially if we sing the songs as well as try to play them. To have the students delight in their songs is a step in the right direction because the songs absorb their interest better than, say, a minuet. I'm using both the Pace and Thompson methods with my piano students, and I believe they are learning. Playing piano well depends on the amount of practice, and many students don't have the opportunity to practice on an actual piano, but use keyboards. I encourage them to look around their school to find a piano that they might, with permission, practice a bit on every day while they are at school, or perhaps in their church or other meeting place.

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