Building a "Vocabulary Mountain"

For young students developing their vocabulary and needing to do something "hands-on" let them build a little "mountain" out of modeling clay. Then, using toothpicks which can be mounted into the clay, attach to each toothpick a small word card on tagboard or some type of cardstock on which the student writes each new vocabulary word being learned. The clay mountain can be as large as you want it to be, and the trail of toothpicks can lead up the mountain to the mountaintop. This can be placed on a heavier piece of cardboard or piece of wood or tray of some kind and set aside, then brought out to review each day. Spelling tests could be given on these words after reviewing them. Students can add toothpicks and new words each day, or as they learn them.

This activity gives the students a fun activity and keeps their hands busy while learning vocabulary.

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