Drawing should be fun, not scary

Hello fellow artists,

I want art lovers everywhere to know that drawing doesn't have to be a scary proposition, it can actually be fun. If you are just starting out drawing, I would recommend trying a continuous line drawing. This is a very simple type of drawing exercise and a great way to loosen up. Simply look at a subject, put pen or pencil to paper and start drawing, but, don't lift your pencil. Just keep going without glancing at your paper. Believe it or not this will start you on the road to eye hand coordination.

Another exercise to try is a gesture drawing. These are quick drawings where you don't worry about details so much as gestures. Try this exercise for fifteen minutes: Get a friend or family member and ask them to sit in front of you and ask them to pose for five minutes. After five minutes, ask them to switch to another easy pose and repeat the process. It's a fun easy way to shake off "perfection expectations" before a drawing or painting session. I've been out of school for years and I still do these exercises.

Happy art making to everybody!



Claudia S.

Claudia, Instructor/ 2 Dimensional Fine Arts/Writing

20+ hours
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