Ken In Houston Reaches 400 Hours of Tutoring

Ken B., known as "The Best Little Tutor In Texas", has just surpassed the 400 hour tutoring mark in Houston, Texas! What makes Ken so good and popular in Houston? It is because of his diverse background and of being able to do the following: mathematics, statistics, chemistry, physics, computers, and computer programming. He can help a student in many many different areas. Ken does both high school and college and does regular, honors, IB, PAP, AP, etc... All that is quite a talent. Ken says that the subject most tutored in the past several months is statistics, and the reason for that is that most teachers use the 'dump' method...they 'dump' a copious quantity of power point files onto the student but the teachers do not really teach how to 'do' the problems...he has seen the same trend with other subject areas, and this is most unfortunate for students taking the, if you need to get on top of your mathematics and science courses (except of biology), then Ken in Houston is the person to contact.


I am back in business tutoring around Houston. I had been off for several months while doing some doctoral studies. Besides mathematics and science (except biology), I am expanding into engineering. I am still "The Best Little Tutor In Texas".
Hi folks. Update on current work. Doing MBA_Statistics with a student attending Univ. of Texas here in Houston. The problems are exceedingly hard, nevertheless, we are making excelling progress. Unfortunately, the teacher assumes that the student is proficient in and with MS_Excel and doing statistics within it. For my tutee and others in the class, this is not true and I have had to teach him statistical Excel. Ken "Best Little Tutor In Texas"
I am now approaching ~500 tutoring hours with WyzAnt. Ken "Best Little Tutor In Texas"


Ken B.


1500+ hours
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