Tuition is through the roof.

I recently went online to look up some information regarding my alma mater where I graduated over 20 years ago. It's a private university in New York. After I retrieved the information I needed, I was curious to see what the tuition was. To my amazement the tuition has skyrocketed to over $33,000 per year. Basically it has increased over 600%. Doing the math it comes out to be over $3000 a class.

Higher Ed has increased quite a bit during this time and to my estimation has increased greater than salaries over the same time. No wonder student loans are defaulting. When I graduated my debt was a poultry $5000. That doesn't even add up to two classes in today's market.

But a positive aspect to all of this negative is WyzAnt and the relatively low cost to get tutoring. WyzAnt's tutoring service helps students pass their classes so that they do not have to pay more tuition, or even worse, borrow more money. I believe that effective tutoring can keep school costs down not to mention all of the other benefits such as time management, a greater understanding of subject matter, and mentoring to name a few.

So I don't think tutoring is expensive at all, comparatively speaking it is inexpensive. What do you think?



Rich O.

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