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Preparing for the SAT: Three tips

When you are preparing for the SAT, remember three key elements that will help you achieve your success:

1. Know the material. Okay, this is obvious. It helps to know the material to answer the questions accurately. However, even with limited knowledge of the material you can...

2. Go in with a strategy. Yes, these are supposedly standardized tests, but they are not perfect. They are laid out and designed in a systematic way that allows you to game the tests and develop a strategy for which questions to answer, and even how many questions to answer. One way you can develop a strategy ahead of the test is through...

3. Practice. Practice a lot. Then practice some more. You can get lots of practice tests in books from Borders, Amazon or any other book retailer. Score your test and analyze the results. Which questions are you getting wrong? Do things make sense after you look at the correct answers? Do the questions still not make sense? This all leads back to the first two points.

Whatever you do, be sure to work with someone who is an expert in the tests and don't just go it alone. Spending some time with a tutor can lead to better insight into how to approach the test, on top of remembering concepts you may have forgotten or smoothing out areas where you might need some fine-tuning.