A life lesson through successes

I have had a kindergartener as a client for several months now. My duty was to teach him to read and write. Honestly I found it shocking that at such a young age they were asked to do this task. From what I remember, it was first grade that they began teaching actual reading and writing. Anyways, when I began with this child, he could barely identify the letters of the alphabet. I started by using alphabet flashcards and teaching him the different letter sounds. Once that was accomplished, I started putting together small words for him to sound out. Seeing him manage to sound out these short words was a moment that I felt like a proud mother. I knew my job was being done properly. However, I did not realize that seeing him read his first Dr. Seuss book would give me an even greater satisfaction. The success I am having with this child made his mother decide to start his 3 year old sister with me. It is such a joy working with young children and seeing them succeed. Furthermore, this child has a slight speech impediment. A task that I was more than willing to take on. Through working with this speech impediment, I have realized that my calling in life is pursuing speech therapy. I always knew I wanted to pursue my masters degree, but once I finished my bachelors I didn't know in what. Everything in life happens for a reason, and I know I am given all my clients for different reasons. Whether it be the A.D.D child because of my patience, or the speech impediment because of the importance to get through that obstacle, they are all in my life for a reason. I am so blessed to be able to offer tutoring services, but more so to learn from each individual.



Danna V.

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