Excel Tricks With Tabs

There are too many excel tricks for one user to know, but each user will designate their own. Some users may forget something they do not commonly use, but if needed in the future they will recall it with ease. Inserting tabs is something you do everyday. Why not make these steps easier. Right click a tab to change the color of the tab. Changing the color is a good way to group similar tabs and make others stick out. If you are running a report where every month has a tab. Just color them for ease of use for the analyst or for yourself. It you would like to rename a tab just double click it an it will become a writable field. I use this daily. It is easy and why would I want to keep something named Sheet? Lastly, if you do not like the placement of the sheet just hold the mouse button down while the arrow is on the tab and drag it.



Patrick R.

Easygoing self educated computer tutor who specializes in Excel

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