Success with Tutoring for Regents and SAT Exams

Thus far, all students that I have tutored for Regents and SAT exams (algebra, geometry, trigonometry) have passed their exams. Some students passed with distinction. Some students passed after failing their exams (sometimes twice) before my tutoring. I am also available for tutoring calculus, differential equations, numerical methods and other courses in mechanical engineering and applied math. I am certified in 44 subjects.

I usually tutor adults at a public library near where they live. I shall tutor at a person's home if it is appropriate, and will not create wrong impressions.

I shall tutor a minor (male or female) only at the student's home, with a parent or guardian present. If a parent or a responsible adult (family member) is not present, the tutoring session will be postponed or canceled. I shall tutor a minor at a public library, provided that the student is accompanied by a parent.

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