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The Center of the Wheel

Everyone knows what the center of the wheel looks like; small centrally located circle, with spokes connecting it to the outer rim, propelling the wheel in motion; direction; progress. Each part needs the other, of course, to work. You can go far on a wheel that works! Putting the obvious aside, I often see my students as the center of the wheel, supported by the spokes of parent(s), family, teacher(s), school, and someone like me (a tutor). And, if that child/student is able to see the value in his/her effort, continuing to stay the course, over time they experience: progress, direction, and motivation into a future of success. It is very rewarding to see that when a student is supported by all the spokes of the wheel and he/she is focused on the destination, that truly every opportunity is possible! So stay the course, keep going, and set the wheel(s) in motion!