Library visits yield successful reading results

Just a few words of encouragement and endurance for those tutors helping the students with reading development skills. As many of you are probably using the various community resources in your regions, I wanted to give a shout out for the local libraries. Many of my students have been limited in their use or visits to the local library. I suggest to many parents that the library environment is conducive to reading success on many levels. Usually, the first meeting with students at the library is reinforcing the fact that children use from a young age through many years into their academic studies. A lot of times, children may feel that going to the library is somewhat associated with negative feelings when in fact, they can see from the environment how helpful the trip to the library can be.

A few tips that have been successful for reluctant readers include: creating a list of subjects/topics discussed at school which help children identify where their reading journey can begin. Once the student discovers there are many different types of books that can be made available and their tutor offers several opportunities to practice reading, the foundation for building reading skills is established. Eventually, after many library sessions, the student gains the confidence to self select books and a new library patron is gained!

I encourage the reading tutors to be persistent and know that the time you are spending with individual or groups of students will yield results that all can be proud of.



Mary W.

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