Safari's Bookmark Tab Groups

Do you visit the same websites every day? Do you open them one at a time, or open a half-dozen windows at a time? This tip will save you a ton of time and effort. Create a button on your Bookmark Bar that opens a group of tabs at once!

This works particularly well for opening all your bank accounts at once, all your news pages, or your email account and Google at the same time.

To create a Bookmark Group, first open each website in its own tab. To create a new tab, press Command-T, or File>New Tab. Navigate to the page you want. Create another tab, and open up the next page in the series. Do this until you have all the pages open in different tabs.

Be sure to go to the login page where you enter your password, not just the landing page, otherwise you’ll still have to click to it every time!

Once you have the tabs set up, go up to the Bookmarks menu and choose “Add Bookmark for these X tabs.” A window will pop up that says “Saved Tabs”. Change that to something short yet descriptive, like “Banking” or “News” or “My Tabs”. Be sure that the dropdown says “Bookmark Bar” (if it says something else, change it to this). Click Add.

Look on the left of your Bookmarks Bar. You’ll now see the name you typed, with a little square to the right. Click on it anytime, and it will reset the window to your tab set instantly.


Alicia Katz P.

Computer Trainer

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