Did Facebook and Twitter originate in the Renaissance

Is Social Media a new thing or are we just reinventing ourselves? We are living in a new era similar to the Renaissance where ideas, creativity, opinions and news are shared through circles of friends, creating intellectual networks and connecting and sharing with others in distant lands, just a little faster these days.

“Just as we create user names for our profiles on Facebook and Twitter and create circles of friends on Google plus, these scholars created nicknames, shared – and commented on – topical ideas, the news of the day, and exchanged poems, plays and music,” said Professor Jane Everson, Principal-investigator in a press statement. “It may have taken a little longer for this to be shared without the Internet, but through the creation of yearbooks and volumes of letters and speeches, they shared the information of the day.”



Hi Jessica! Great post! I agree that we have always had a social media, though it has evolved to fit the person of today. In my opinion, all things are started through ideas past. What I mean by this is people see an issue, problem, or opportunity and build on the foundation already set as it is deemed acceptable through society (which is always changing and growing). From the first written letter carried by the Pony Express to the internet and email, people have always and will always make an attempt to "stay connected." People by "make and model" are typically social by nature. As with every aspect in life, there are both positives and negatives to this. Most have heard the phrase, "Life is what you make of it" and so is the life of the social media. On one aspect, the media can be positive and promote individual growth, raise awareness, and teach cultural acceptance. On the flip side, the social media can be bias, non-credible on factual based data, and create problems within society when leaning/promoting one particular way. Society needs to not "follow" the beat of the media's drum, but rather listen to the drum, question the reasons behind the beat, then make an educated/informed decision on whether or not you should "dance to that rhythm." The need for critical thinking has never been as crucial as it is today with the explosion of choices brought by the rapid and never ending growth of technology. My suggestion? Take in all the information to be learned by today's technology, but hold tight to the ways of yesterday. I believe knowing and understanding the ways of one's ancestors will never be outgrown and will never be in vain.


Jessica P.

Italian Language Specialist

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