A popular TV commercial tells us how to take "Stephen" - pronounced STEVE uhn to "Stephen" pronounced Ste FAHN." Same spelling, same amount of letters, but more pizzazz... or style... (or something to that effect!)

I was reminded of this one week ago when a shy third grader - who needs help in reading - asked me about something I had just read to him.

Almost inaudibly, he said, (I thought) something about a word being "wrong."

"I'm sorry," I said, "What did you say?"

"That word," he explained softly, tentatively... "You got it wrong,"


"Which one?" I asked, curious to know what he was thinking.

He slowly pointed it out. I guess he was wondering, Why would a TEACHER get a word WRONG?

"You said, 'wind." (Long "i" pronounced.) ... "It's wind." (Short i pronounced.)

Yes, that word can be wind. The wind is blowing hard. Put on your windbreaker.

But, that word can also be "wind" as in, "Wind the clock back when we 'fall back' each year for Daylight Savings Time."

I went on to explain that the long "i" wind is a verb. It is an action word. "Wind up the toy."

"Wind," the flow of air through our skies, is a noun - or naming word.

And, then, I had to tell him that I was glad I had the opportunity to teach him that... I was glad he had spoken up... What I didn't tell him was that this is something we teachers live for... the teachable moment... I also didn't tell him that many classroom teachers often don't have time to address everything that needs to be addressed, and sometimes do not "call on" the kids who may have the courage to bring up what they see as concerns or inconsistencies... I didn't get to tell him (because it would be lost on him - at his young age...) that I am so fortunate to be a tutor... that I am so lucky and blessed to be able to spend time on details that kids absolutely need to know!

Whew - Are you tired yet?

Not me... this energizes me. :)

It's just an example of what teachers have to explain everyday. Sometimes the answer is blowin' in the WIND... my friends, colleagues, parents... Sometimes the answer, my friend is blowin' in the WIND!

Time to WIND down!

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