Most Important: Customizing the tutoring and approach to the student's learning style, needs, learning objectives, questions.

Recently, after I tutored two of my favorite students to prepare them for upcoming tests in Pre-Algebra and Geometry respectively, I received positive reinforcement for the importance and value of customizing the tutoring approach, information, knowledge transfer, and tutoring style.

After the first tutoring session, I was approached by three people as I was waiting for my next student:
1. An elementary school teacher – she complemented me on my knowledge and tutoring style, and asked me for my information to refer students to me for tutoring.
2. A parent seeking a tutor for their daughter – he complimented me on my tutoring style, my patience, and my problem solving ability, He said, “I saw how you tutored him and I want you to tutor my daughter the same way” He booked a tutoring session for the next day.
3. An adult student preparing for a standardized test – she worked at the café, came over and said that she saw me tutoring the student and saw how he was excited to learn the concepts, and she asked me if I could tutor her starting on the weekend for an upcoming standardized test.

Each one of these interactions provided very strong and positive reinforcement for the need and importance of customizing the tutoring to the student’s learning style, questions, needs, and learning objectives. This was also reinforced when both of my students said “now I get it”, and “now I understand”. Hearing these words from my students is very important to me, and brings great satisfaction.

My approach to each student is a customized approach to their unique needs at the time.

I tutor each student on how to set-up each problem, show them the correct equations to use, how to solve for variables, and rules for manipulating equations with variables and numbers on both sides.

As a Vice President and Chemical Engineer, I am a trained expert on how to define, assess, and solve problems. I train students on a consistent and repeatable problem solving method including how to:
1. define, assess, set-up, and solve the problems
2. complete sidebar calculations for addition, subtraction and division
3. handle equations with fractions including converting improper fractions to mixed numbers
4. techniques and shortcuts for simplifying answers
5. use reciprocals to eliminate fractions by converting the fractions to 1 and simplifying the answer
6. manipulate equations with decimals
7. use a consistent process for converting fractions to multiples of the same denominator to add or subtract
8. use shortcuts and advanced techniques for solving single and multiple variable equations
9. how to take multiple choice tests
10. Good and Best Practices for homework, study skills, and test taking skills
11. How to draw efficient, tables, graphs, and diagrams as required or to assist in problems solving
12. Methods to ace standardized tests
13. How to interpret data, graphs, charts
14. How to correctly solve word problems by assessing, converting words to formulas, and solving for the exact questions asked.

While providing guidance and instruction, I answer all of the student’s questions and continually check for their understanding of the equations and processes, and their comprehension of the methods.

It is a pleasure to provide tutoring, training and to transfer knowledge.

Please contact me so we can address your tutoring needs.

Best regards,

John M.

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