How Many Historical Events are Actually Connected

What do all these events in World History have in common?

* Napoleon enters Russia, defeats the Russians at Smolensk, and enters Moscow.
* Louisiana becomes a State
* British P.M. Perceval is assassinated in the House of Commons
* U.S. declares war on Britain
* James Madison is elected President
* Beethoven composes Symphonies No. 7 and No. 8.
* Swiss explorer J. L. Burckhardt discovers the Great Temple of Abu Simbel.

The answer in a moment. What has always interested me is how many seemingly disconnected events throughout history are in fact somehow connected. As we go back in History, we see this to be less obvious. Partly because we have a hard time relating to something that happened say in the year 1812, but mostly because communication back then was so primitive and inefficient that events could be happening at the same time around the world, but not be effected by each other's events. As time passes, and communication improves, we see this disconnect to be replaced by much more of a connection. It seems now that most of the events that happen in the world will very much effect other events happening half way around the world.

Language restrictions as well as the advances in technology (the internet is huge here) has made world wide communication much less of an obstacle. History has shown us that many events have happened, that may not have happened, due to the lack of communication. Many technological advances have also been accelerated due to this same improvement in communication.

With that said, and back to the original question posed, what do all the above events have in common? The answer: The year 1812.


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