State of the Union

Class, a reminder that President Obama will give the State of the Union speech Wednesday night. This is an important speech for the nation and the Obama administration. Don't just think of it as a speech. Think of it as a report card for the nation.

Both members of the House and Senate will be there as well several key cabinet members, with the exception of one person. That one person is known as the Designated Survivor, a position usually held by a cabinet member that is the low man (or woman) on the totem pole, so to speak. That person will not be in attendance but will be on standby in the event the nation is attacked by nuclear arms and the president, vice president and cabinet are killed, captured or injured. Think of that person as a substitute teacher on standby. The only criteria is that person has to be a natural-born citizen and fortunately for the current cabinet, they all meet that criteria.

Wednesday in class, if your teachers will allow it and it's part of their lesson plan, discuss what the president might talk about (aside from health care, the economy, jobs, et al) and write your own State of the Union speech. Then on Thursday, discuss it in class. I can promise you that it will not be boring.



Kerrell G.


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