Difficulty Committing to WyzAnt Tutoring

The WyzAnt poll asking how many hours tutors generally tutor both within and outside WyzAnt showed interesting results. The vast majority of tutors selected between 1 and 5 hours.

I spend much more time emailing students than I do actually getting the job. I wonder why? Students are clearly interested and have a need, so why does it seem that so many contacts fail to result in tutoring sessions?

I think one reason is the feeling of committing to a tutor. All my students have been fabulous, not one single bad experience through WyzAnt. I wonder though if this is because those students that scheduled time were prepared to commit to learning? Even though I have had several that were one shot deals, as the student was just trying to get over a learning curve, I feel that many are afraid they will get started and not like the tutor, not receive the lessons they hoped or feel they may be committing to a process they are unsure of.

I can assure you from my experience, if I do not feel like we are a good match, I will tell you. I want my students to be happy to see me! I also am more than willing to accommodate their finances. if they can only afford four lessons, then we will prioritize their goals to stay within their budget.

I encourage all prospective students to give it a try. WyzAnt is safe and secure and you have complete control over the entire process. Just don't forget to give your tutor feedback via WyzAnt to keep us on our toes!



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