Open Communication Key to Tutoring Success

Engaging a tutor for lessons means developing a relationship based on trust and open communication. There are two easy steps that will help make the WyzAnt Tutoring session successful. The first step is getting to know your tutor and the second step is developing a relationship where you feel free and comfortable discussing any aspect of the relationship.

Both tutors and students should exercise caution at the introductory stage. It is prudent for both the tutor and the student to ask questions. Both parties need to be cautious, yet open when revealing information, yet free enough to assure the other that they are sincere and safe to work with. It can be uncomfortable negotiating with a stranger, so correspond openly via email at first then arrange the first meeting.

The best bet is to meet initially in a public place to get to know one another and confirm that the student/tutor match is a good one for both. If for any reason either party does not feel completely comfortable in proceeding, it’s OK to agree not to proceed with lessons. This is a business relationship where asking questions, discussing hours, content and expectations are all appropriate.

After the initial introduction, the second step is for both sides to feel comfortable managing the lesson. Students must have their learning needs met, and tutors want to deliver lessons that meet those needs. Open communication is the key to assuring that both understand each other’s needs and methods of teaching and learning. Pacing, lesson content and expectations are the responsibility of both. As a tutor, I may set a schedule that seems perfectly reasonable, but as a student you may feel it is too much too quickly. If communication is honest and open, then these kinds of issues will be addressed openly, needs will be met and the tutoring will be successful.


Thank you, Cindy, for your blog. I believe you are right on the money. Indeed, open communication and getting to know your student and vice versa is essential to develop a rapport and to keep down stress in class. I agree, also, that meeting in a public place, first, prior to the first lesson, is a good idea; particularly, if the tutor and student are of opposite sexes, and there is concern about interacting in private.


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