How Economics in our Society Works

Economics is a fragile and often overlooked subject matter. It effects every one of our lives, whether we want it to or not. Will we have a house to sleep in, can we afford college, what are we going to eat tonight, do I get that 42 or that 56 inch TV?

Sadly, even though every person's life is influenced by our economic state, a surprisingly small amount of people understand it or even care about it. I feel obliged to enlighten those who want to understand and compelled to spark an interest for those who have no care.

I like to explain economic theory by utilizing an analogy. Economic laws follow the same principles as a poker match. If everyone joins into a poker game with a certain amount of money (chips), each person is motivated to play with hopes of achieving a large stack. Of course for some to be high stacked, the chips had to come from someone's wallet other than their own. It is interesting to study how the amount of chips influences a person's decisions in what they will do and whether they will leave or stay. From observing people's actions, we can formulate theories of how chip magnitudes and how others' chip amounts can influence the state of minds of the individual players, not only influencing them but many times governing the decisions that a player makes.

I enjoy teaching and studying economics as well as many other subjects. I enjoy explaining complex ideas such as economics, calculus, philosophy, and many sciences in clear, precise, and of course FUN ways. After all why should one waste his precious time with acts that illicit boredom, when he could be having fun.

My name is Andrew and I am a Professional Engineer, Professional Tutor, and tennis player extraordinaire. Take a look at my tutor profile for more interesting facts about me. If you liked the way I explained this, if you enjoyed an idea that this blog elicited, or if you found something interesting on my profile, don't be shy! Email me and help me help you help you.

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