Tutoring Math

I've tutored my fair share of students in math, ranging from 4th grade math to college level. All of these students have one thing in common though: they need one-on-one assistance!

Sometimes students fall behind in a math class of 25 students. Once students start to fall behind, it’s so easy to get lost and nearly impossible to catch back up without help. One-on-one tutoring can help these students get back on track quickly. Since the student is the sole focus of tutoring sessions, I can really cater these lessons for the individual.

Sometimes it helps just to hear it from someone else. I’ve learned that saying the same thing over and over does not help the student understand. A lot of teachers will keep repeating the same thing, or even try saying it slower or louder. But if the student just plain doesn’t understand it, saying it louder surely doesn’t help. As a tutor, I try different approaches if one isn’t working.

I explain math concepts in simple everyday terms, not in mathematical jargon. For instance, when the book says, “ The function y = f(x) is increasing when x1 is less than x2 then f(x1) is less than or equal to f(x2)”, I point to the picture and say “if the graph is going up, it’s increasing.”

I’ve had many students tell me that I explain things really well. That’s like a badge of honor for a tutor!

Math on!

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