SAT Reading: Don't actually read!

I know this sounds kooky, but you're not actually supposed to read each line of the Reading Comprehension test. You're thinking, "What? It's called the READING test!" I will be taking my GRE for entering Graduate School soon, and by the time you read this I will probably have already taken it, and there is NO WAY it is possible to read every line AND have time to answer all the questions. You have to learn HOW to read before you jump right into the text and start reading. What are the questions asking you to find? What is the main idea? What is the purpose of the passage? In other words, WHY is the author writing? To convince the reader, inform the reader, just for fun? You must know what the questions are asking for before you begin to read, and most students don't realize this. They dive into the text, reading ferociously, yet blindly. You wouldn't ever begin a test before knowing what the test is covering.

Let me teach your teen HOW to read: effective, quick, and with organized thoughts. Be prepared for this section. There is a trick to the reading section, and I want to help your teen succeed, by teaching your teen how to read. (The SAT is seeing how prepared you are for college, not how well you did in high school).


Micah B.

Passionate, Energetic English or Spanish Teacher

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