Be prepared for the SAT

I cannot stress enough the need for a 24 to 30 hour preparation course for this test. Some of the math problems on this test are problems that your teen has never seen before. This is not the fault of the school system. The SAT writers give problems that look foreign to students, yet only require the students to think out of the box. If they are prepared, they will fly through these odd looking problems. If they are not, they will spend entirely too much time trying to figure out the problem, wasting time when they could be solving much easier problems that are still to be solved. It is such an easy solution: preparation! Without professional preparation for this test, some of the problems look like Chinese. Yet, they don't have to! After some simple explanations and practice, anyone can master these odd looking problems. The SAT writers are making the students think in a way that schools don't usually teach. Patterns, mapping, substituting, POE, and more. It's only a matter of taking the time to be ready. Anyone can do well with some preparation. That is life. I hope to help your teen succeed on this very important test.

The last teen I helped, Jacob, only needed 1 more point in order to get a $10,000 a year scholarship. He had already taken the test 3 times, and the score was actually going down! He was very frustrated with this and getting nervous. So, his mother put him in a 30 hour course with me, focusing a little on each part of the test. He studied hard, did all his practice tests when asked to, and came out with the EXACT score he needed for that scholarship. He was open to learning something new, ready to get the score needed, and had a GREAT attitude. They spent $600 on preparation and saved $40,000. It's worth it.


Hello Micah, My daughter is in need of your help. She is registered to take the SAT on 1/22 and she is currently working with another tutor going over Math material. I think she will need assistance with the Reading and Writing as well. How can I arrange for my daughter to meet with you? Do you service the Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Duncanville area? Where can I find your schedule?
Deirdre, Please email me through my profile page. I am not sure how to contact you. Thanks! Micah


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