The A's keep on coming

I have been tutoring a client for 6 months now, and she is doing online classes. So, practically I am her homeschool tutor, because she does everything online. This course has been known as a very difficult course, especially doing it on your own as a highschool sophomore. Lalia and I have been working very hard each week, six hours a week, and math has always been difficult for her. After her first semester of geometry with me she succeeded in getting an 87 in the course. Before her final she had a 92, and tests have always made her very nervous, so I was expectant of her final grade. I was so proud when she passed the class with an 87. Before tutoring she was making a 60! Great job, Lalia. I am so proud of your dedication and hard work.


Micah B.

Passionate, Energetic English or Spanish Teacher

2250+ hours
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