Publishing Your Essays

A recent colleague of mine who teaches English composition at a local community college recently put her students' best essays together and had it published by a local company. The cost was minimal because she was able to design the book herself using the company's template. The students, who were comprised of native and not native speakers, enjoyed this task and got to put on their resume' that they were contributors to a collection of essays. Self-publishing any piece of writing (memoirs, essays, poetry) can be rewarding, especially if you've worked with a mentor who understands that English is difficult for many people. One way to improve your writing and grammar skills this year is to work with me on creating a special publication that you can be proud of. It doesn't have to be professionally published; it can also be in scrapbook format with illustrations. This is a creative way to improve your skills and have something you can share to document your journey.



Diana M.

Diana M., MFA

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