Physics and the Martial Arts

What does physics and martial arts have in common? A lot, actually. For instance, the formula for Force is F=ma^2, where F is Force, m is Mass and a is Acceleration. Now think this through. If an individual bulks up his mass and doubles it, what does that do for his strength? It effectively doubles it. But what if he doubles his acceleration, his speed, per se? His force quadruples! When you get into larger numbers like 3 and 4, the effect is even more pronounced. So that is the reason that Bruce Lee is more deadly than some bulky slow weight lifter (not that you want to mess with either one, however). When you increase your speed, the effect on your force is maximized. You fellow martial artists may have known the principle behind this but now you know the science! And you physicists may have known the formula already. But now you know the cool application of it. Who knows? It could come in useful if you get bullied around.

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