WyzAnt sure seems like a neat way for students and tutors to connect. It seems like every neighborhood has its own babysitter, tutor, or elder care nanny. I can't wait to help all the students out there who are struggling with an essay, homework or tough book.

I wish I had a tutor in high school. I always had a tough time with math. I graduated in 2002 without a problem, but always wished I had someone there rooting me on. That's what brought me to take education classes in college: There should be more people out there trying to help people like us, who struggle with "basic concepts", or as we know it "that stuff, again!"

As soon as I take my tests here on WyzAnt I'll begin another journey of helping people read, write, and excel!


Good luck to you! It sounds like you have the heart and spirit to really inspire your students!


Doreen F.

Doreen, the friendly and reliable tutor.

10+ hours
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