The importance of organization

I have found that many of my students are lacking in the same area of Organization. To be organized is to have a clear mind, its having a tight grip on all your notes, its knowing what your professor expects from you. Since most people are judged on first impressions, my judgment is not whether your shoes are tide or if you have particles in your nose and are about to fly everywhere, its whether your notes are clear and concise!

The clearer your notes are the clearer your mind is. If your binder is spewing notes every where and you spend several minutes figuring out the correct order of your notes you have major organization issues. Its ok to have food or coffee stains on your paper(its not ok to have food stains on submitted work) that's a sign of devotion to homework. However, if your notes are disorganized and papers are not looking good then there is a lack of desire to deal with the material at hand.

My advise to those who wish to be successful in math and science or any class is that they must be organized. Your teacher or professor will also judge your notes as the amount of effort you put into the class or whether they think you are a slob and do not care about being a student!! I take great effort in helping my students become organized because it helps them to care more about the material and if they care more they care to study more!



Nilsa S.

BA in Chemistry: Science and math tutor

500+ hours
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