Learning to Learn - Tutoring the skills necessary to Succeed

I teach what is important, how to learn, study and grow. These are skills that must be developed in order to survive in today's world. No one ignores these skills and gets very far in life. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic are still the foundation of learning so these need be learned as soon as possible, by the age of 3 each child should be doing each of these and continue the rest of their lives. The skills I teach come in once these skills have been learned which could be by the age of 6 or later. I am best working with adults or teenagers 12 and over.

Learning to learn are study skills that can be used in any arena, school, sports, shopping, at home and out in nature. Any and all situations offer a learning opportunity. Are you getting the most out of life? Would you like to enhance your experience? I am here to help.


Sequoia Elisabeth C.

Tutoring Diverse needs to Diverse people

20+ hours
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