My Adobe User Group

This is exciting! I look forward to the opportunity to tutor for WyzAnt. A friend referred me, and it looks like it fits perfectly with what I'm looking for.

I wanted to share some news of mine with you. I co-manage a popular Adobe User Group in the San Jose area that I thought you may be interested in. We meet once a month on the first Tuesday, and we give a live demo or answer questions, network, etc with like-minded industry professionals. The group is a great way to get some free education, make new friends and meet amazing people. The events are free, and are hosted at the Adobe building in San Jose. We also raffle off items such as art supplies/tools, Adobe software, and books.

Our blog, has posts that over free downloads, industry news, and tutorials.

I just thought I would share. Thanks for reading.


Steve D.

Adobe software trainer and Web/Graphic Designer

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