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Juneteenth is this weekend. It is also Fathers day weekend. So why am I in the house and my husband is at the celebration with 6 kids under 12 in the 90+ heat?.......Because I'm about to deliver & he's awesome! Crazy, but awesome.

Just in case you are not familiar with the holiday, here's a brief summary. Juneteenth's importance in American history is celebrated as Emancipation Day or Freedom Day. It commemorates the ending of slavery in the US.

On this festive day of celebration, there are guest speakers, picnics, family gatherings an African Name Ceremony and even African Drumming. It is also marked with education and achievement. With that being said, here's my contribution to the cause. Free your time with these math links!

Learning Games For Kids- Below you will find great ways to help build your child's foundational skills that elementary school curriculum requires. These learning games are fun, and more importantly they teach important skills for pre-school and elementary age kids. And best of all--they're free! So, if you want educational games that help build skills, you've come to the right place! Till next time- be blessed!


Lakesha, I do hope all went well for you this weekend. Those websites you gave are very helpful. Many times children don't get enough examples of math problems to help them understand the basic concepts. Math in a part of our everyday life, yet so many of us are afraid to dive in and appreciate numbers.


Lakesha P.

Professional Homeschooler AND Certifed SES Provider

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