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Talking About Bad Math Skills

If you're looking for hands-on ways to build your child's math skills, head to the kitchen. Math skills are important along with text books, manipulatives and games. Even very young children can help in the kitchen. At ages two and three, my niece and son assisted me in making a pumpkin pie. Having all the ingredients and tools ready to use will help when working with youngsters who aren't great at waiting.

Math: Weights, liquid measures, dry measures - it's all there. Plus basic counting, fractions, addition, multiplication, and division.

Reading: Recipes are predictable texts - they use the same words over and over again. That means that beginning readers can decipher them with just a little practice.

Geography: Cook something from another country for an international learning experience!

Science: Recipes work because of science - leave out the baking powder and the muffins won't rise. Cooking is full of hands-on science. Plus, your kids can develop art and creativity in ingredient choice and presentation. And learning to cook, they'll be learning important life skills.

Math skills really add up in the kitchen because recipes are boiling over with math! For further tips continue reading my blog or contact me!