Summer of NO Brain Drain

They say that millions of American children will lose about 25% of their reading skills and approximately 2.6 months of math computation skills this summer (according to the U.S. Department of Education and the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management). If that wasn’t bad enough, teachers typically spend 4 to 6 weeks re-teaching or re-reviewing material that kids forgot over the summer break (Johns Hopkins Center for Summer Learning).

To prevent these typical summer-time losses, known as “The Summer Brain Drain” or (which occur when kids do not engage in educational activities), I am offering offering tips and lists of games and activities for parents. I am also offering my own 3-month, hour a day, summer program for kids of all ages. The brain works like the body. The good news is that mental exercises can not only prevent the losses but raise cognitive function and IQ, in a short amount of time. Reinforcing cognitive skills (tools that enable kids to successfully focus, think, prioritize, plan, remember, visualize and solve problems) is the answer. My tips for summertime include:

* BOARD GAMES such as Simon (for auditory processing, memory), Uno (for logic and reasoning), Speed Cards (for visual processing and attention), 20 Questions (for memory, logic and reasoning);
* ONLINE GAMES and websites such as,,;
* PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES that energize mind and body (e.g., counting while dribbling a basketball or jumping rope, or working math and geography facts while on a Trampoline).

I also offers tips to choose a fun and educational family trip this summer to incorporate learning opportunities (including hands-on activities, brain-boosting car games, reading, research and more).

Recent studies also show that the brain is capable of remarkable change and growth. Until the 1990s, scientists believed the brain was stagnant. We now know that the brain is capable of growth at any age, and that intensive one-on-one cognitive skills training can treat the root cause of learning struggles like ADHD, dyslexia or memory issues. These do not have to be lifelong labels. It's also good news for anyone who wants to strengthen their cognitive skills, increase their IQ, reduce medications, and become a better learner – whether six or 106 years old. Cognitive skills training does for the brain what physical exercise does for the body.

Be sure to try me for my 3-month summer program, where kids can drop in for about an hour a day each day, at an local library and still get to enjoy their summer fun. For more information about it, cognitive skills testing, Summer No- Brain Drain, ADHD, dyslexia, autism or age-related cognitive decline, contact me via this site.


Lakesha P.

Professional Homeschooler AND Certifed SES Provider

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